Speeding Points Affect Car Insurance?

For a large portion of the UK, we can all admit to having a few speeding points.  Not something to announce and brag about we know, but are speeding points and speeding offences really now affecting insurance at all?  We did a little research and put together this article as a help guide.

Speeding Points
Unfortunately, driving over 30 miles per hour can provide you with a whole quarter of your allowed speeding points thats a total of only twelve before you've even paid your first insurance premium.

Car insurance companies don't really pounce on such offences unless you are inexperienced, and even then they tend not to gouge you too much.  Simply put, the longer you drive without speeding offences listed on your driving license the better, that goes without saying.  However insurance companies are now wise to the fact that there are huge amounts of speed cameras on the roads which means that there are more 'speeding offences'.  When you're caught for speeding, car insurance in the past has meant that premiums may have gone up when revealing the speeding offence. However, insurance companies don't only look at the speeding points as a basis for an insurance quote.

Low Risk
Depending on circumstance, then driving for perhaps ten years without any recorded claims and one recent SP30 then you will be viewed by and insurance firm as relatively low risk.  If you have proof of no claims then of course your safe driving is proven in print.

If you are a very new driver and you obtain speeding points then an insurance company will view you as a relatively high risk, you will have zero no claims to prove and you are placed in the high-risk category simply because of your speeding, car insurance firms will consider all they have to go by and if your driving experience only spans six months before your speeding offence, then it's a huge possibility that you will pay equally huge premiums next year.

In summary, your insurer will look at the overall picture.  If all you have is an SP30 or SP50 then you may be lucky, speeding points aren't always considered high risk unless you have had accidents or have zero no claims.






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